Kreedz Climbing

"KZ is a custom game mode that involves difficult jumps and hard obstacles. The goal is to traverse through the map with the fastest time. To do so, players must utilize Counter-Strike movement mechanics such as strafing, long-jumps, and bunnyhops."


This guide is being made to convert JWL's video tutorials to text and to include Zach47's more advanced tech. KZ (Kreedz) is a movement-based game mode where players compete for the fastest time on a map. You can see the whole list of maps and times at KZ Stats.

KZ is short for Kreedz, the original creator of the game mode in Counter Strike 1.6. Kreedz maps often start with the prefix "kz_". However, other prefixes exist as well: bkz_, kzpro_, and xc_. Finding KZ servers to play on is easy. Simply go to your Community Server Browser and type “KZ” in the tags line. Alternatively, you can click here to view Globally Approved KZ servers. It is recommended to play KZ with at least 120 FPS, and with your jump key bound to your scroll wheel.

To bind your scroll wheel to jump, copy these into your console:

bind mwheeldown +jump
bind mwheelup +jump

Once you have that set up, you're ready to join a KZ server! In KZ servers, there is a checkpoint system that allows you to save your position. If you mess up a jump, you can easily teleport back to your saved position. Runs done without the use of any teleports are known as PRO runs. Once you join a KZ server, you can start practicing "Air Strafing". Click below to learn what Air Strafing is.

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